Friday, 8th of September
EX borsa valori

h13 Buyers meeting

h18 A Conversation with Domenico Romeo (Off White head graphic designer) & Mattia Ruffolo (Vice I-D Italia)

h19 Fashion show Holyland Civilians

h19.30 Street trends fashion show: Fila, Kappa, Fred Perry, New Era Europe, Vans, If Bags, Overdrive, Bad Deal, Dena Lab Nilox, Spotlight e Dreemers

h20 Evento Fred Perry

Piazzale Valdo Fusi

h14-19 Streetart corner

h15-19 Skate Free Session

h23 Snobiety party at Big Club (Corso Brescia, 28)

Saturday, 9th of September
Ex borsa valori

h11 Hip Hop dance workshop with Mufasa

h12 Housedance workshop with Marcio

h14 A Conversation with Franco Pagetti with the collaboration of IED (European Institute of Design)

h16 Battle selection (1vs1 Hip Hop, 1vs1 B.Boy, crew vs crew)

h17 A Conversation with Steve Won (Hip Hop 4 Hope)

h18 Battles

h20 Judge showcase

h22 After party

Piazzale Valdo fusi

h14 Streetart corner

h15 Best trick contest

h17 Basketball contest 3vs3

Sunday, 10th of Settember
Ex borsa valori

h10 Hip Hop dance workshop with Marcio

h11 Crazy Legs special lab

h12 Hip Hop dance workshop with Jimmy Yudat

h14 A Conversation with Crazy Legs

h17 A Conversation with Andrea De Beni and basketball awards

h18 Beatmakers showcase

h19 Graw Jump Ramps Best Trick Contest

h20 Doppia Videopremiere: Skateboarding’ s Finest “Demain Commence Aujourd’hui”, Vans “All The Way Down”

Piazzale Valdo fusi

h12 Basketball contest 3vs3

h14 Streetart corner

h16 Best trick contest

Other places

h11 New Era Custom event (Atipici shop, via Pietro Micca 2)

h21.30 Dutch Nazari Live (Jazz Club Torino)

Lunedì 11 Settembre
Ex borsa valori

h10 Buyers meeting

h15 Cloosing of MAZE Festival

h11 a conversation with Carlo Rivetti ( Stone Island Chairman )

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